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Bible Reading Program: Book of Ecclesiastes Now Available!

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Bible Reading Program

Book of Ecclesiastes Now Available!

[July 11, 2018] We are pleased to announce that the Book of Ecclesiastes has been completed and is now available in the Church’s Bible Reading Program/Commentary. We are sorry for the extensive delay, but now the Old Testament is complete.

Research and writing has been underway for New Testament readings for some time now, and we plan to release the Gospels section when research, writing, doctrine review and editing is complete. But, please be patient. There is a lot of material to cover in the Gospels!

You can access Ecclesiastes in our Bible Reading Program/Commentary online at Please note that only the PDF version is currently available, not the HTML.

While Ecclesiastes is titled as the “August 2018” program, please feel free to read it and study your Bible at your own pace—since there is an extensive amount of material to cover. The Book of Ecclesiastes has been traditionally read during the Feast of Tabernacles by God’s people in biblical times. Therefore we recommend that you cover the material prior to the Feast this year to get the full context.

Please note that the entire Bible Reading Program is still hosted online on an old server and lacks a lot of functionality. But, plans are underway to develop a brand new BRP interface that will eventually make your study and research much easier. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our team begins work on a new online layout for the program.

All the best studying the Book of Ecclesiastes!


  • Val

    So excited about the progress on the Bible Reading Program. I know there is so much to take care of in feeding God's Children and taking the Gospel message to the world. Thank you all for your continued efforts. The Bible Reading Program has been one I have used over and over again. Looking forward to future NT additions as I delve into Ecclesiastes.

  • Peter Eddington

    Thank you Val. We are pleased to know that this material has been of value to you. All the best!


    Thank you and all those who take their time to provide us with these studies to help us stay focused on the big picture. And not get caught up in the worries and deceptions of this society.

    Thank you all once again