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Brethren Around the Globe Celebrate the Feasts of God

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Brethren Around the Globe Celebrate the Feasts of God

Some traveled to official UCG Feast sites to observe the Feast in person; others watched the webcast and worshiped in small groups close to home. Some camped with their families or found other ways to observe the Feast despite the circumstances.

In this issue, you’ll find attendance counts from 56 sites and reports representing 54 areas. There are many others not reported on in United News who kept the Feast in small groups or local satellite sites. Even though not all are reflected here, God knows exactly how many brethren rejoiced before Him at the Feast this year.

The reports highlight many encouraging aspects of the Feast of 2020. In Germany, joyful humming replaced singing due to local health restrictions. A satellite site in Berlin, Ohio, broadcast services over the local radio station to share the Feast with the community. Five people were baptized at the Feast in Ndanai, Kenya. Members in the Philippines were able to bond with brethren at sites across the country due to the virtual capabilities used in place of face-to-face meetings. Members in Victoria, Australia, stayed connected to each other virtually despite being physically limited to a 3-mile radius during the Feast.

Though attendance counts, reports and photos in this issue cannot account for every single person who observed the Feast of Tabernacles in 2020, I hope you find it encouraging to read about some of God’s people who surmounted obstacles this year to worship and glorify God.