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Camp Report: Camp Pinecrest

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Camp Report

Camp Pinecrest

Camp Pinecrest began on the afternoon of June 19 in Fredericktown, Missouri. As staff and campers arrived, the enthusiasm of camp was already underway.

Orientation for campers began Friday, where the rules and goals of the week ahead were laid out for the campers. Additionally, to give the kids a foretaste of the week to come each activity department put on a short skit to emphasize the highlights of their activity. After a delicious first dinner, orientation continued with special presentations regarding gun safety on the riflery range and the goals for the camp newspaper, The Pinecrest Journal.

Camp Pinecrest begins with the Sabbath. While this is different from other UCG camps, it provides an ideal beginning. Staff and campers have traveled long distances to be part of camp and a Sabbath rest helps everyone recharge for the week ahead. Sabbath began with breakfast followed by a Bible study given by Brian Shaw. After the study, an ABC presentation was given by Aaron Creech and staff members who had attended the program in Cincinnati. The morning Sabbath activities concluded with the singing of hymns.

Regular Sabbath services featured a sermonette by Aaron Creech that focused on David’s leadership as he faced Goliath. After five special music presentations, the sermon was given by Gary Smith focusing on the perfect model of leadership found in Jesus Christ.

After dinner everyone returned to casual camp wear for the Sabbath Bible challenge. The six dorms were challenged by Bible Outburst; Bible Pictionary; reation puzzle making; name that hymn; people, place or thing; and identifying Bible events and putting them in time order.

On Sunday, the activity week began. Each dorm would enjoy the opportunity for archery, volleyball, riflery, low ropes, journalism, softball, speedaway, swimming (including launching off the blob), Bible class, and a canoe trip down the Black River. This year rock climbing was re-introduced under the guidance of Tom Greider.

Each morning began with an emphasis on this year’s theme, “Leaders: People of Character.” Each presenter covered the day’s theme for campers and staff. Commitment, integrity, determination, courage, and vision were focused upon to set the tone for each day.

Camp Pinecrest came to a close on Thursday evening with the recognition of campers earning proficiencies in archery, riflery, rock climbing, softball, swimming, and volleyball. Katie Hauck and Jacob Greider were also recognized for the service and quality of character displayed in their dorm and around camp. After the awards ceremony, the camp came to a close with a dance.

To summarize Camp Pinecrest this year, it was a success. Why? Because the staff new and old came together to put into practice the qualities emphasized in this year’s theme. The camp was successful because we had 55 leaders putting their character to work in the service of the 67 teens who joined us this year.