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Camp Report: Camp Woodman

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Camp Report: Camp Woodman

Our theme this year, “Be Like Our Heavenly Father,” was a wonderful reminder each day, encouraging campers and staff to develop their relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ. The Friday evening Bible study and daily Christian living classes revealed the diligence of parents who have taught their children God’s way of life. The campers were very attentive and involved in the interactive Bible study. Each dorm was given a Bible story, from which they extrapolated lessons to apply in their own lives. Christian living classes were given every morning to the whole camp, and each dorm received two individual Christian living classes during the week.

Camp Woodmen is located in rural northern Alabama amongst woods and gently rolling hills. Weather during the weeks surrounding camp was very hot and humid, but during camp there was a drastic drop in both temperature and humidity. God’s intervention in the weather shows that He is concerned with even the minor parts of our lives.

Each evening, all campers and staff sang an evening hymn (“Who Shall Dwell on Thy Holy Hill?”) in order to focus our attention on God’s plan right before bedtime. Several young men took the opportunity to lead songs, and two campers helped accompany the hymns on piano.

Our daily classes included basketball, sand volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, speedaway, swimming, archery, riflery, dance, low ropes, and high ropes, which included a climbing wall, zipline, and other daring activities involving heights and high speeds. Leisure times found campers visiting in the hall or playing spikeball (a type of volleyball), ping pong, softball and basketball.

Evening activities included two dances, novelty olympics, and open activities (where they could choose their favorite activity). The ever-popular fun show did not disappoint with lots of laughs and a fun evening.

There were 77 campers with three dorms each for boys and girls and 42 staff. Most were from the Southeast region of the United States, but this year we were pleased to host international campers from Germany and South Africa.

Camp Woodmen had a wonderful serving staff that was a joy to work with. We appreciate the staff who volunteer their time to serve at camp. They are a very dedicated group. We thank the parents, campers, staff and especially God for the best year yet at Camp Woodmen. We look forward to next year!