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Camp Tomahawk

Camp Tomahawk returned this year after a brief break to the beautiful location of the Nacome Camp and Conference Center in Pleasantville, Tennessee. Twenty-nine young campers and 35 adults and teen staff from Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee came together to share with one another a very memorable experience. Our heavenly Father knew exactly what we needed for weather. Even though we had a few short showers, each time was during an activity that didn’t require us to be outside. For the remainder of the time, we enjoyed cool, breezy days with light mists that helped keep the pesky mosquitos at bay. We truly thank God for his hand in all that occurred this year. It was a truly blessed return of the camp program in the region, and we truly appreciate everyone’s participation that helped make it a great 2015 camp.

Campers enjoyed hands-on Christian living class each morning, which emphasized this year’s theme of “Remember Your Creator.” Kevin Kenady used a variety of cool and visually engaging science experiments like Diet Coke and Mentos, water-propelled race cars and liquid soap volcanos to show how God’s creation is both marvelous and beautiful. After Christian living class, campers were then immersed in exciting activities like caving, archery, fishing, shelter building, creek walks, rubber duck creek races, arts and crafts, field games, “funyaking,” novelty olympics and movie night!

It takes a tremendous amount of time and work from so many different individuals to help make a camp successful. We want to thank our adult and teen counselors for providing a loving, structured and godly Zone for our campers and giving them positive examples they will remember for years to come. We also want to thank those who served as activity staff, kitchen moms, camp nurse, or just wherever there was need to be filled. And we also want to thank those who served in the months before camp who put together fundraisers and many, many other activities that benefited both the campers and staff.

Dates for Camp Tomahawk 2016 will be June 4-8. We welcome both returning campers and staff as well as anyone who would like to be a part of the Camp Tomahawk experience for the first time. We look forward to seeing our young campers, parents, and volunteers young and old return for another memorable year.

Matthew Puckett