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Central Province of Zambia Hosts Youth Camp

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Central Province of Zambia Hosts Youth Camp

Minister Derrick Pringle helped fund the camp, and all lessons in the morning and evening were facilitated by deacon Jonathan Litaba. The theme this year was “Be Like Our Heavenly Father.” Overall, we had 13 youths from Lusaka, seven from Mapoko, five from Kasumpa and one from Mumbwa.  

At the start of camp, Keegan Mukuka welcomed campers and Mr. Litaba gave the first Christian living class of the week, titled “God Is Love.”  

On the second day of camp, everyone went for a morning run at 5 a.m. before the Christian living class.  

Christian living classes were held each day and focused on a different aspect of God’s character and how Christians can build that character in their lives. Some of the specific topics from the Christian living classes and Sabbath service messages included God’s faithfulness, the importance of self-esteem, truth, God’s completeness, God’s holiness, the Sabbath and food laws. Activities at camp included health and hygiene, needlework and how to make a doormat, ball games, a Bible quiz, baking, popcorn making and a special trip to Kafue National Park, which was about a two-hour drive off campus. This was a great opportunity to spend time in God’s creation, see animals and spend time near the Kafue River.  

We also had a business studies class in which Keegan Mukuka taught the importance of entrepreneurship and shared examples on how one can come up with a small business using the survival skills learned at youth camp. 

On the Sabbath, the girls sang special music and several campers recited memory verses. The last day at camp we held ball games and a special Q&A session in which campers asked questions about the Church, and gave feedback about how camp went. There was less time playing sports at camp since our emphasis is on teaching useful survival skills for the campers to take home and implement in their lives. The last evening, we held a bonfire and gave awards for specific achievements and great attitudes shown by the campers. Finally, we were blessed to have no sickness despite COVID-19’s presence elsewhere in the country. 

Paddy Litaba