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Latest UCG Updates

The United Church of God is providing a new service available to its ministry and members. Light of Hope is a helpline supported by Church members who are licensed social workers, counselors and other clinical profession
ABC is now accepting applications!

"Are we alone in the universe?" We revisit this interview in which Steven Britt and Victor Kubik discuss state-of-the-art technology designed to take space exploration further than ever before, and whether we're looking for life in all...

Interested in working for the United Church of God? This page contains current employment opportunities, and will be updated as new jobs become available.
In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik writes about the importance of remaining teachable as we navigate a new calendar year.
Since I was very young, I have been inspired by the stories from many individuals about how God miraculously worked in their lives.
Bill Bradford, Jr., is now the pastor for both the Chicago (Illinois) and the Beloit (Wisconsin) congregations.
The Council of Elders held regular meetings at the home office Dec. 6-9, 2021.
The Charlotte and Hickory, North Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina, congregations have recently begun a UCG booklet discussion series.