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Church in Zambia Doubles

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Church in Zambia Doubles

During the last few months the number of churches and attendance in Zambia has more than doubled. This is as a result of a large number from the Worldwide Church of God requesting to become a part of United. Certain doctrinal changes, especially regarding Sabbath and Holy Day observance, were unacceptable, and their leader, Wilson Nkoma, approached Kambani Banda with a request to join with United.

Mr. Banda held various meetings with their leaders and members, and the result was that they are now worshipping with United. Presently the number of congregations and weekly Sabbath service attendance is more than double all congregations in South Africa.

This has put a huge strain on our elder, Mr. Banda, and also on the budget. Costs for items such as travel, Feast of Tabernacles and youth camp expenses have greatly increased. The home office has been willing and generous in helping us through the annual subsidy to cope with this additional financial burden.

Excerpted from United News South Africa, June 2007