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Considering ABC?

You will not find a better place to go directly through the entire Bible—the true source of knowledge. You become a detective in the discovery of all the hidden gems. It gives you a broad-based education on how to make wise decisions and help others. God’s promises become real from history and a deeper faith that what He did for them He will do for you. You will understand the law given by God to Moses, learn the period of the judges, kings and prophets. You will explore the writings and go through Jesus Christ’s life in the Gospels, followed by Church history and the epistles. Prophecy will be proven with historical past events and those yet to happen in God’s future plan.

This knowledge gives you more insight into God and yourself to build your relationship with him. The opportunity will enlarge your circle of friends and enhance your Bible study and fellowship.

When to come is a more complex question for young people. Some have attended straight out of high school at 18, some during college years, some after graduation and some after retirement in their 60s to 80s. For mature adults, any time is great.

If you plan to attend another college, I would suggest coming to ABC sometime during your college career. If you come after a BA or BS degree, the year’s absence from the workforce might hinder your job application. Finishing that last year or semester after ABC will not create a time gap in your resume. This would not be a problem if you plan on continuing for an advanced degree.

It is a personal decision to take on this rigorous program, but be assured, it will make a difference in your life.