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COVID-19 Update for U.S. Feast Sites

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COVID-19 Update for U.S. Feast Sites

The United States Feast Coordinators are filling out a questionnaire due back by July 6. The questionnaire seeks information on how their Feast site would operate if the Feast were held the first week of July, just as an exercise.

Information such as the capacity of the meeting hall with current social distancing restrictions, are masks required, can banquets or buffets be operational, what social activities would be allowed like family dances, or gatherings at a park or beaches are all being evaluated.

That is the first step to determine the capacity we have for each site and assessing how it would operate. How many members might not want to attend a Feast site with limited social interaction or requirements like wearing masks? Eventually a schedule of services and activities and information about how the Feast will differ from a traditional site will be distributed to the registered attendees so they can make decisions from accurate and final information.

Much can still happen in July and August which potentially influences how the Feast will look in early October. We don’t yet have a deadline date for when a final decision must be made.

The administration is aware of member concerns regarding the uncertainty in finalizing Feast plans at this time. However, we will finalize plans and inform with ample time for members to make adjustments, if needed.

Members can expect at some point, probably in August, an email from the Feast Coordinator where they are registered outlining how the Feast will operate and asking members to confirm whether they will attend under those conditions. Members will be urged to update their registration information if their plans change.

If a Feast site fills to capacity and closes, Melanie May, Website Project Manager for the home office, has created an option where a person can sign up on a waitlist.

There will be a general update for announcements on the Sabbath of July 11, which will also be posted on the Feast webpage.