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Dallas Fort-Worth Regional Family Weekend

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Dallas Fort-Worth Regional Family Weekend

The Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, congregations will host a regional weekend from March 10-12, with the theme “Planted by the River.” Taken from Psalm 1:1-3, the focus of the weekend will be on how to live a life that is firmly grounded in God’s Word and continuously cultivated with the nutrients God supplies—an approach that will help us with-stand the pressures that surround us and produce godly fruit that positively influences others.

We are honored to have as guest speakers for our Sabbath sermon and young adult Bible study, Scott Delamater and Micah Gunn, respectively.

Activities will take place at our meeting hall in Plano or within 10 minutes thereof. Attendees ages five and up can volunteer at a non-profit organization on Friday afternoon. On Friday evening, we will have a dessert social. At 10:15 on Saturday morning, there will be separate teen and young adult hospitalities. At 11 a.m. there will be Sabbath school and simultaneous, separate Bible studies for the general membership, young adults (ages 18-35) and teens. Our DFW congregations will then provide lunch before the 2 p.m. Sabbath service. At the conclusion of services, there will be a slideshow honoring graduating high school seniors.

After sunset, a formal dinner and dance will be offered for teens (ages 12-19) at a nearby four-star hotel. Meanwhile, a separate gathering will be offered for young adults. Remaining brethren will be able to enjoy a pizza dinner, fellowship and games.

From 9–2 on Sunday, brethren can play sports or board games and fellowship at a local school. The DFW congregations will provide lunch.

Anyone attending any portion of the weekend will need to register so that we can plan for the volunteer activity, Sabbath seating and food, and make any necessary prepayments. The cost for the teen prom and dinner will be $48 per person and must be paid by Feb. 21. (Note that the cost is $43 if early payment is made by Feb. 7). Saturday’s pizza dinner (for those not attending the prom or young adult activity) will be $6 per person or $25 per family. Guests will need to make plans for their own breakfasts.

Register at https://forms.gle/Vrb9Ddo5dEq4WMJz9 . Additional details can be found on our “2023 UCG DFW Regional Family Weekend, Teen Prom & Young Adult Fellowship” Facebook  page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1260963671412684 .

We hope to see you there!

Jeannette and Pedro Reinoso