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Elder’s Wives Continue Enriching Online Zoom Sessions

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Elder’s Wives Continue Enriching Online Zoom Sessions

Since the online GCE women’s sessions were so well received, planning is under way to continue connecting the elders’ wives in this way. What began as simply the online version of the annual GCE Women’s Workshops has become a valued resource and opportunity for these women to continue connecting with and edifying one another beyond the GCE weekend.

On July 13, over 70 elder’s wives from around the world took part in another online Zoom session with the purpose of making connections and getting to know one another better. Barb Welch set the stage for the evening using the analogy of a quilt, “The family of God is like a giant patchwork quilt. God has stitched each of us together into a beautiful work of art. He knows the story of each little square in minute detail, and each story is precious.”

Afterwards groups of 6-8 ladies were formed so that everyone had an opportunity to discuss and learn something new about the women in their group, fostering closer ties and friendships.