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Elegant Wine and Cheese Night in Columbus, Ohio

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Elegant Wine and Cheese Night in Columbus, Ohio

Each attendee walked into a completely transformed, elegant church hall and took a card that directed them to their first table, out of the eight they would be visiting. Attendees read an information card describing the wine and cheese they were about to sample. They would then sample the items, enjoy some conversation and listen to tasteful music performed by individual musicians, which added atmosphere to the evening. The completion of the musical selection signified it was time to move to the next table and repeat the process with a different wine and cheese pairing.

As each guest left the table they also sampled a palate cleanser that assured they were ready to taste the next wine without interference from the previous one. Astounding pieces of art, created by some of the members (including photographs, paintings, sketches, pottery and jewelry), lined the perimeter of the room which gave a platform to display an amazing talent that some had never expressed before and transported everyone into a more sophisticated state.

Also worthy of mentioning is the fact that this was an all-ages event with sparkling cider at each table for those underage or anyone who preferred not to sample the wine. This event was an excellent setting for growing as a Church family, and we hope to extend the family feel next year with any who wish to attend this new, elegant evening in Columbus, Ohio.

Micah Gunn