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Employee Recognitions

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Employee Recognitions

Due to the virtual nature of the General Conference of Elders this year, we were not able to recognize those employees who achieved milestone employment anniversaries. On June 8 during the home office weekly focus meeting, a slideshow was presented and employees serving both in the U.S. and internationally were recognized. The employees who retired this year include Tom and Lisa Damour, who retired July 1, 2019 and Ken and Susan Graham, who retired January 1, 2020. Both couples are settling into retirement, and a feature article will be printed honoring them for their service.

50-Year Service Anniversaries

This past year, two men reached the 50-year milestone of employed service—Tony and Linda Wasilkoff and Victor and Beverly Kubik. They received engraved pocket watches, employee service pins, cards and gift cards. Their wives received flowers in special appreciation for their support and contributions.

Tony & Linda Wasilkoff

Director of Operations, Canada

Tony was recognized earlier during the Canadian Regional Conference on May 24 by Victor Kubik and Rainer Salomaa. At that time, Victor Kubik noted that Tony has been a sound-minded, stable, positive leader who always looked at people and situations in the best light. He has worked as an administrator with essential support from his wife Linda both in administration and pastoral work, as well.

Mr. Wasilkoff has been serving as the Director of Operations for UCG-CA for 20 years.

During his 50 years in the Church, he has served on the Council of Elders as well as on the Canadian National Council, both as a member and as chairman. He has been the editor of United News—Canada for over a decade and has coordinated Feast sites in Penticton, Quebec, Newfoundland, Midland and Prince Edward Island. After earning a B.A. from Ambassador College in 1970, Mr. Wasilkoff completed courses in grief and dying as well as marriage and family counseling. He noted that “some of the highs [of his work experience] are counseling individuals for baptism or marriage—seeing growth.” He also enjoyed baptizing his own two children and teaching for Ambassador Bible College. He commented that the work of the ministry has enriched his life and family. It has been challenging and wearing, but also very rewarding.

Victor & Beverly Kubik

UCG President, United States

Len Martin noted that Victor and Beverly have left an extensive legacy of service and accomplishments these past 50 years. On a personal note, he reflected back to 1994 when he came across an email address owned by Victor Kubik and wrote to him. He was impressed when Mr. Kubik wrote back, offering encouragement in a difficult time.

Years later, Mr. Martin’s daughter, Naomi, who had cerebral palsy, needed expensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Victor and Beverly Kubik (along with several others and LifeNets) put together a fundraiser to purchase a hyperbaric chamber for their family. These stories reflect how the Kubiks have always had a heart of service, a big heart for caring for people, and reaching out in ways of service. Len Martin thanked them on behalf of the Council and the Church for their living example, and deeds that are more than just words.

Peter Eddington said he has appreciated Mr. Kubik’s support, not only for him personally but for the work of the Church, the media department and the home office. Mr. Eddington thanked him for all his efforts beginning at the very formation of the United Church of God.

Richard Kennebeck reminisced about their common connections and building the Church from the ground up in Arcadia, California, plus Mr. Kubik’s humanitarian spirit and care for others in addition to his willingness to try new things.

Mark Welch concluded by mentioning how much he appreciated both Victor and Beverly for their work with LifeNets and within the community. Mr. Kubik has served in Church administration for years, and has shown good leadership and mentorship.

Employment Anniversaries

The meeting was then handed over to Victor Kubik, who expressed his appreciation for all Church employees. He noted that our employees are not just employees; they are friends and family. All have contributed to serving the Church and the preaching of the gospel, which is very much needed in this world.

40-Year Employment Anniversary: Robin & Susan Webber (Church Pastor, California).

30-Year Employment Anniversary: Mark & Barbara Welch (Operation Manager, Ministerial and Member Services).

20-Year Employment Anniversary: Jesmina Alloaua (Executive Assistant, Germany), David and Ghyslaine Palmer (Church Pastor, Canada), Jan Schroeder (Executive Secretary, United Kingdom), Paul & Coreen Wasilkoff (Church Pastor, Canada).

10-Year Employment Anniversary: Kathy de Campos (ABC Administrative Assistant, United States), Dan & Val Deininger (Church Pastor, Montana, United States), Rudy Rangel (Production Supervisor, United States), Jamie Schreiber (Associate Video Producer, United States), Brian & ReNae Shaw (Church Pastor, United States).

To conclude the meeting, Len Martin then delivered a short icebreaker to the home office staff to introduce himself and help get to know him better as he begins his role as Chairman.

Mr. Kubik then conducted a podcast with Mr. Martin, who shared a little about himself as well as his thoughts and plans moving forward. You can listen to this podcast at: Mr. Kubik said, “While I will miss working with Dr. Ward, the outgoing Council of Elders Chairman for the past four years, I welcome my future relationship with Len Martin, the incoming Chairman.

“Len Martin along with his wife Julie are highly regarded by our brethren. They have championed multiple family-based events such as teen and preteen camp programs as well as the Feast of Tabernacles.

He has effectively pastored congregations in New England as well as Ohio and has a strong background in information technology and finance.

“We speak at least weekly by phone. I find that we have strong agreement on the policy-making roles of the Council of Elders working with the functions of the Administration.

Len Martin is very committed to the Church’s Mission and I envision God blessing our Work for His Glory.”

New Hires at the Home Office

During the months of May and June, home office staff also had virtual going-away recognitions for Stella Helterbrand and Josh Raudenbush. During the weekly focus meeting, various employees and administration expressed their appreciation for all of the service both of these individuals contributed during their time working here, both in their respective positions and as supportive friends to their coworkers.

Caroline Boise began training for the international mail processing clerk position with Josh Raudenbush a few weeks prior to ABC graduation this year, in anticipation of his departure. In her new position, Caroline makes sure international addresses are formatted correctly and outgoing international mail is sent out.

She began volunteering in the mail room in January of 2019, before being hired as an intern during ABC. After ABC graduation on May 17, she began working full-time the very next day. She enjoys playing an important part in the work of spreading the gospel, and looks forward to learning more about the different countries and languages to which UCG sends mail.

Micah Gunn was recently hired as the food service manager for ABC. He looks forward to serving ABC and the home office staff, both from the kitchen and anywhere that might be helpful. As an ABC graduate of 2019, Micah understands the ABC experience and the close interaction the food service manager has with students and others in the office. He looks forward to developing relationships with the students and his coworkers at the home office, and is excited for the opportunity to serve the Church in this capacity.