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Fargo, North Dakota Celebrated 50 years

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Fargo, North Dakota Celebrated 50 years

Members from another fellowship joined the UCG members for the event at the Seventh Day Adventist meeting hall on the afternoon of July 9. Pastor Herb Teitgen gave the sermon that reviewed the history of the apostolic Church, a brief history of the Church in New England, the history of the Church in the 20th century and principles for enduring and remaining faithful.

The Sabbath service was followed by a delicious potluck meal and a number of photo albums of members and events relating to the Fargo congregation were made available for viewing. A 10-page brochure was prepared that listed the pastors who had served the congregation over its 50 years. It also featured a chronological summary of significant events concerning the congregation. Each family who attended received a copy of the brochure.

Following the potluck meal those assembled watched a presentation by Herb Teitgen that featured photos of members and activities relating to the congregation over the decades. Then members enjoyed desserts and a special anniversary cake. There was a great deal of fellowship and reminiscing throughout the event.