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Feast 2021 Travel Advisory

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Feast 2021 Travel Advisory

Church administration and the Feast coordinators continually review anything which can affect our gatherings, plus we have considered the many options, suggestions and recommendations from members for operating the Feast during this health crisis. All input has been considered and appreciated, knowing we all want what is best and to be led by God’s Holy Spirit. 

Each Feast site will abide by state and local regulations in arranging social gatherings—whether it be Church services, smaller Bible studies, luncheons or teen events, etc. 

Please carefully research the arrangements at the site you will attend in terms of wearing masks and social distancing, etc. Be aware of interstate or international travel requirements for anybody leaving their state and returning home, too. 

The Church advises all members to prayerfully consider their own individual situation and make decisions for yourself on whether to attend the Feast or any gathering at the Feast. It is a personal choice and the United Church of God is not pressuring anyone to attend the Feast and expose themselves to health risks. The United Church of God recognizes your personal decision, and for those not attending live services, there will be daily live webcast services from the central and mountain time zones.