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Feast at Home Webpage and Resources

If you are unable to attend an official Feast site and are keeping the Feast at home, you can still register for the Feast to receive resources designed to help you have an inspiring and uplifting Feast of Tabernacles.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ucgfot to share the experience virtually with others who are keeping this festival!

Visit ucg.org/members/feast/sites/2019/celebrating-the-feast-at-home, or click “Celebrating the Feast at Home” under the Feast sites page at feast.ucg.org. Jonathan and Esther Magee are excited to be the online Feast coordinator family again this year. This page will share festival greetings from different sites throughout the Feast. You can also find links to webcast Feast services, recorded sermons and articles written with you in mind. Please email Jonathan Magee (jonathan_magee@ucg.org) with any questions.

Festival youth lesson plans are a helpful aid for Bible study with your children during the Feast. They can be found at ucg.org/members/news/2019-feast-of-tabernacles-youth-lesson-plans.

Of course, if you do not have Internet access or have any questions, you can ask your local festival advisor for help registering. Feel free to pass this information along to shut-ins in your area or anyone else who could benefit. Have an uplifting Feast of Tabernacles!


  • schneiderdara2@gmail.com

    Thank you ever so sincerely for making this service available. I truly appreciate the kindness and respect for those of us who are aging and having health challenges. Warm Hugs, Gram Dara Schneider - Black River Falls, WI