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Feast Plans Changed?

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Feast Plans Changed?

 If you have not changed your online registration to reflect your current Feast plans, please do so immediately. It is important for coordinators to know how many people to expect at services and activities due to social distancing requirements. If you need to move your household’s registration to a different site, you do not need to cancel and redo your registration. Here is how you can change locations: 


1. Log into the UCG.org account which was used to register your household. 


2. Access your household’s Feast registration in one of two ways: 


3. Locate your confirmation email (subject line “UCG Festival Registration Complete” or “UCG Festival Registration Submitted”) for 2021 and click the link in the email. 


Click on your name in the upper right corner. In the box that appears, click the “My Registrations” link. Locate your Feast registration for 2021 in the list on the right and click the “View” link. 


4. Toward the middle of the page, click the “CHANGE SITES” link. 


5. In the “Choose Site” dropdown menu, select your new site. The selected site will appear under the “New Site” header on the right and will indicate how many spaces are available at that site. 


6. Scroll down under the site photos and click the “Change Sites” button. You’ll be returned to your registration page, with your new site displaying at the top of the page.


 If you registered but your Feast plans have changed, please change your registration to your intended Feast site using the instructions found above. Thank you!