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Festival Youth Instruction and Activity Booklets

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Festival Youth Instruction and Activity Booklets

Youth Instruction Booklets

All attendees who registered for the Feast may pick up their Festival Youth booklets at the information table at their Feast site. Please give your child’s name to the volunteer so they can check off your child’s name when they receive their book. If you did not register for the Feast, please wait until all other booklets have been passed out; if there are any extra, then you may pick up one for your child. You may also print out the booklets from the UCG website if there are not any extra booklets available:

There are 3 grade levels of the booklets: K–1, 2–3 and 4–6.

Please note there is no separate teen booklet this year. Instead, the Teen Feast Edition will be in the Fall Compass Check which was mailed to teens at home.

Youth Instruction Classes

The Festival Youth Instruction classes are available for children ages 5–12. There will be two sessions for each grade category during the Feast of Tabernacles. This year’s lessons focus on “Running Your Spiritual Race.” Youth Instruction teachers, please be aware of the activities within the lesson plans. Some group activities might not be possible due to COVID restrictions, so please feel free to adjust in order to teach your classes within the guidelines of each state. We encourage the children to show their take-home crafts and discuss with their parents what they learned in class each time. The classes are divided into the following grade categories:

• Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
• 3rd Grade through 6th Grade

Children are not required to bring anything to class with them. Teachers will have supplies for each child to use during youth instruction.