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Festival Youth Lessons and Festival Youth Instruction Booklets

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Festival Youth Lessons and Festival Youth Instruction Booklets

First, the Festival Youth Lessons are written for the festival youth instructors who will be teaching the children who attend the two festival youth classes held at each Feast site. These lessons are to be downloaded by the teacher from the member’s website at the following address: These lesson plans are not intended for parents.

Second, the Festival Youth Instruction Booklets are booklets created for every child, and are divided into four categories: K-1, 2-3, 4-6 and Teen. These booklets are to be a fun educational tool for both kids and parents alike. Each page focuses on some aspect of the Feast, provides an activity and a family discussion question located at the bottom of the page. The family discussion questions are for parents to use with their children to help nurture and encourage engaging conversations about God’s plan for man. The booklets are handed out at each Feast location.

Many have wondered why the Festival Youth Instruction booklets are not sent directly to each local congregation. The answer: it saves the Church money on shipping costs.

Another concern raised by some is that their child did not receive a booklet when the parent had registered their child for the Feast. While we strive to receive accurate numbers from parents who have registered on the UCG Feast website, sometimes mistakes happen. This year we have tried to prevent mistakes so we waited until July 20 to gather registration numbers, and we ordered more Festival Booklets to send to each Feast site. However, if you registered after July 20 for the Feast we may not have accurate numbers, which is why we urge families to register for the Feast as soon as possible so that we can provide these booklets for each child. 

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