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Floods Affect Members in Central England

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Floods Affect Members in Central England

Frank Jarvis, pastor of the Gloucester and Preston congregations, reported, "The Gloucester brethren are all safe, but power cuts and a lack of drinking water are the major problems." Services were canceled July 21 and 28 because of the flooding.

David Jones was stuck in traffic after leaving work on a Friday afternoon. He finally arrived home late afternoon on Saturday! David Elliott's vehicle was completely ruined as he was traveling to Gloucester.

Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis also described their nerve-wracking experience driving through the flooded streets: "Two thirds of the way through the bow wave was engulfing the bonnet, water was sucked in through the air filter and the engine died.

"[We were] helpless, and with water halfway up the car and rising. It seeped in and lapped around our feet.

"Long story short, four strangers pushed us out, and I was able to walk home and tell my neighbor what had happened. He immediately drove me back, and towed the car home. The AA got to us yesterday afternoon (July 23), and towed the car to the garage where it has joined a queue of vehicles awaiting similar attention. We count ourselves very fortunate when we see the plight of others."

The Church office at Chalfont St. Giles was also on the edge of a "lake" as the drains had not been cleared. The staff was at the UCG—British Isles National Council meeting, so "we were blissfully unaware of how close the office came to being flooded," Peter Hawkins said.

The north of England was also affected a couple of weeks earlier. David Fenney, pastor of the northern England and Scotland congregations, said that this time, "As far as I am aware, no one associated with Scotland, Isle of Man, Birmingham and Nottingham congregations has been affected."