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Fort Wayne Honors Its Senior Citizens

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Fort Wayne Honors Its Senior Citizens

The occasion was the annual seniors appreciation brunch and the theme was “wisdom.”

The tables had a gold table cloth and an Asian lantern for a center piece. The servers were dressed in skullcaps and oriental coolie hats. Event co-organizer Joel Borton had painted mustaches on the boys. The chefs outdid themselves as usual, along with the teens who served the drinks and pastries.

“Age should speak; advanced years should teach wisdom” (Job 32:7, New International Version). Placemats with this saying were given as a souvenir of the occasion.

Pastor Bart Bornhorst gave a short talk with reflection to respect of age and the wisdom it can bring. Age and wisdom are also mentioned in Isaiah 46:4 and Titus 2:6. Sprinkled throughout the brunch, several musical performances were given.

Tiffany, Tessa and Farrah Borton sang “The Wisdom Song,” Brenda Wendling and Sophia Borton sang “The Perfect Wisdom of Our God,” and Brenda Wendling sang “You’re Never Too Old to Make a Difference.”

All seniors left with satisfaction reflected on their face as all headed to afternoon services. Thanks to the teamwork of all who organized the event, as well as Dalpha Meier for the decorations.