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From the Home Office: Spiritual Preparation for the Feast

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From the Home Office

Spiritual Preparation for the Feast

As we approach the end of the summer season, things and our focus can change.

Our children go back to school, we finish up our vacations or plan to take one if we haven’t had time to take some time off over the last few months, and our thoughts turn back to work and being ready for the months ahead.

It’s the same here at the home office. This week, the Beyond Today TV team recorded three new episodes that will air later in the fall. It was good to see the whole crew working together, the video studio set up and a live audience there to support the presenters. The programs that were recorded were timely, topical and educational. You will enjoy them, and they send a strong message to the world around us.

Things are gearing up for Ambassador Bible College (ABC), as classes begin the week of Aug. 21. This year there are 26 students who will be in attendance, arriving here next week. Instructors and staff are busy preparing for their arrival and the school year. As something new this year, we plan to make video recordings of an ABC class available to the membership on a weekly basis so you can follow along in the teaching of one of the books of the Bible, as taught by an ABC instructor.

Next week, the Council of Elders will meet and there is a full agenda of items to discuss as the Church moves forward. As I have been in this role for a few months now, I see just how big this responsibility is. This is not a job, it is a responsibility to God. This is His Work, and we all have a part in it. Just like God the Father and Jesus Christ are always at work, we must always be at work seeking direction and guidance from Him, and using the resources He provides to do His will.

As we look ahead, for all of us there is a reminder in the sky that an important time of the year is quickly approaching.

Last night, I woke and went outside for a while and noticed the bright, what seemed to be full moon shining down. Tonight (Thursday) is actually the full moon—God signaling to us that just two full moons from now we will be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. Physical preparations for the Feasts wherever you are going have been underway for a while, but Feast coordinators are in the final stretch of their plans making sure all is ready as the Church of God leaves their homes and journeys to the place where He has placed His name for the Feast.

As physical preparations are underway, and all of the ministry and so many of our members have a vital and important role in the Feast, now is the time for all of us to be making spiritual preparations.

Take the time to think about what these upcoming Holy Days mean. The Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth (or Last Great) Day all have a specific meaning in God’s plan. He has given us the great blessing and privilege of understanding His plan for humanity, and what a great, loving plan it is—for all humanity! No other body except the true Body of Christ understands this great truth of God.

Make sure your physical preparations for the Feast are complete, but do not neglect the spiritual preparation that is absolutely requisite if we are to derive the absolute joy, rejoicing, peace and assurance that comes from observing God’s holy, appointed times with our hearts, minds and souls.

Remember, too, that the weekly Sabbath is one of those holy convocations and appointed times God provides. “Don’t forsake the assembling of yourselves together.”

Have a wonderful and productive day of preparation and inspiring Sabbath day.

If you will be in Cincinnati for Sabbath services, in person or virtually, we look forward to being with you.