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Garden Grove Hosts Enriching Marriage & Relationships Workshop

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Garden Grove Hosts Enriching Marriage & Relationships Workshop

On the weekend of June 21-22, the Garden Grove, California, congregation was privileged to host a Marriage Enrichment Workshop presented by Randy and Kay Schreiber, pastor and wife of the Phoenix Northwest, northern Arizona and Albuquerque congregations. After Mr. Schreiber’s sermon on “Becoming One” and a snack break, the first two sessions began at our church facility.

The attendees were treated to valuable information on how to enhance with godly principles marriage relationships as well as other vital relationships in life. The pace was lively and varied, interspersed by some break-out groups, PowerPoint slides and video clips. The sessions were presented with humor and anecdotes to illustrate the valuable points presented.

Sunday morning, three sessions concluded the seminar at a private clubhouse that one of our members reserved. Those who attended all five sessions better understood relationships, including personality, gender and communications styles and differences. Attendees were given assessments to better understand themselves and improve relationships. This marriage and relationships enrichment weekend was informative and applicable to various interactions in our lives. The comments of those who attended were overwhelmingly positive.