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Gary Petty Puts Himself In the Running for Pie in Face at Nashville Preteen Camp Fundraiser

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Gary Petty Puts Himself In the Running for Pie in Face at Nashville Preteen Camp Fundraiser

For weeks in advance, three jars collected donations to decide who would be on the receiving end of the sugared shove of the tasty treat. Who would be pied?

On the evening of March 11, the final count was taken, and the answer came during a carnival fundraiser. But first, some context: Each year, Camp NaCoMe receives a subsidy from the home office for a number of things: camper scholarships, funds to help eliminate costs for volunteer staff, funds to help offset and reduce camper tuition, etc. Each year the Nashville congregation also raises money to supplement the home office subsidy by holding bake sales, group garage sales, or other types of fundraisers. This year it held a silent auction and carnival activity after sundown for the congregation. Children played games like ring toss, musical chairs, “dino dig,” and others to win tickets that they could exchange for prizes. 

With all the donations and silent auction proceeds, the congregation raised $3,916. The money will be used for myriad purposes: So far, more than $1,000 has been given in scholarships, seven new air rifles were purchased for riflery, plans for a potential caving activity are underway, and more.

By the time of the carnival, there was already a clear front runner for the pie: Tim Franke. But he very conveniently came down with a cold that Sabbath and didn’t come for services—or the carnival. So it was now down to just Gary Petty and Matt Puckett. A quick survey of the jars that night revealed lots of change, each peppered with five dollar bills, tens and even twenties. People were really getting into this!

In the end, Matt Puckett got pied. Brandon Ellithorpe did the honors. As with every pie-in-the-face moment, there was satisfaction in it—not least because it was for a good cause. But how much more satisfactory might it have been had the recipient been different? There’s always next year to find out.