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Latest UCG Updates

In this update from the president Victor Kubik, he discusses the most recent Monday morning focus meeting held at the home office. He's goes into detail of the topics covered and discussed.
In the 20-plus year history of the United Church of God, God has never opened a door to preach His gospel or to birth a church on the impoverished island of Haiti—until July 2018. Then did things ever change! 
Mark Welch has recently been hired as the new operation manager of Ministerial and Member Services. He also recently moved to Cincinnati to take care of his new role at the home office. Below is a short autobiography.
The year 2018 was quite productive for 36 Latin American UCG students who received LifeNets scholarships.
The 2018 Northwest Young Adults Enrichment weekend was held on Nov. 9-12 at the Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Facility in Turner, Oregon.

Steven Britt and Victor Kubik talk about the new abortion laws in New York state and discuss the biblical perspective concerning unborn babies.

In this update from the president, Victor Kubik talks about the recent Southeast regional ministerial conference. He also mentions an update on the church building in Haiti.
Financial statements from the 2018 fiscal year can be found at the right of the page. Click the download button to read.
Your brothers and sisters in God’s church in France are pleased to welcome you to the Cap Estérel Vacation Village in Saint-Raphaël for the 2019 Feast of Tabernacles in France.
The Feast site in South Africa has been in the Margate area of the East Coast of South Africa since the formation of the United Church of God.