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Latest UCG Updates

In this update from the president, Victor Kubik briefly mentions the new letter coming out from Council Chairman Dr. Donald Ward and the cyclone that hit Mozambique. Mr.

Andi Chapman and Victor Kubik talk about death: how to plan for it, how to talk about it, and how we should think about it.

As we examine ourselves through God’s perfect law of liberty—the Word of God—in preparing to eat and drink the Lord’s Passover, let us not compromise with the truth of God.
 The United Church of God is pleased to report that viewer response to the first three airings of the Beyond Today television program from our new video recording studio has exceeded expectations.
The annual Feast Coordinators conference convened on February 4 and 5. There were 32 involved, including Feast coordinators from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, home office staff and volunteer support.
“Preparing for the Winds of Change” was the theme for the 18th annual Women’s Enrichment Weekend sponsored by the Garden Grove, California, congregation. It was held Jan.
We had 40 women in attendance from around the region including Alabama, Georgia, Baltimore and Cincinnati. Nine women who registered were unable to attend primarily because of the weather.
The Greensboro, North Carolina Ladies Club meets once a month before the start of Sabbath service.
In this update from the president, Victor Kubik discuses a few updates in various areas. He mentions the current subscriber letter that went out offering the United News.

Jesmina Allaoua joins Victor Kubik to discuss the German Beyond Today media efforts and the religious climate in Germany.