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Latest UCG Updates

The United Church of God adds an 11th episode to the Jelly short film series with, "Jelly Learns the Fruit of the Spirit."

Continuing their conversation on the next 25 years of UCG, Darris McNeely and Victor Kubik focus today on the advantages and pitfalls of social media and how it can be used to share the gospel.

On May 20, Ariana Del Signore began working as the associate editor of internal publications and United News.
The United Church of God home office staff would like to thank Linda Dwornik for four years of outstanding service to this organization through her work as managing editor of United News.
In this update from the president, Victor Kubik, gives a brief update on the trip to Angola he is taking with Jorge and Kathy de Campos.

Ariana Del Signore and Chaz Leathers talk with Victor Kubik about maintaining a hopeful outlook in a world consistently portrayed as hopeless. We continue the series on The Next 25 Years by examining a constructive attitude toward the...

In this update from the president, Victor Kubik talks about two upcoming trips to Africa to support brethren and the ministry in Cote d'Ivoire and Angola.
In this personal from MMS, Mark Welch recaps the recent Northeast regional ministerial conference held near Youngstown, Ohio.
The 2019 festival youth lesson plans are ready for instructors at the Feast of Tabernacles!

Darris McNeely and Victor Kubik take stock of the first 25 years of the United Church of God and discuss a vision for the next 25 years in this first episode of a series looking forward to the future.