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GCE 2013: Scott Ashley Illuminates Spiritual Gifts

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GCE 2013

Scott Ashley Illuminates Spiritual Gifts

Scott Ashley presented the first keynote of the 2013 General Conference of Elders titled “Edifying the Body Through Spiritual Gifts.”

Mr. Ashley stated that Dennis and LeeAnn Luker are partly responsible for this topic being discussed. Nearly a decade ago they began a dialogue about spiritual gifts. As a result, Mr. Ashley wrote a detailed study paper on the topic. It was presented to the Council at that time, but was never prioritized. In the last few years, the topic has come back up, and the study paper is being revisited.

Section 3.2 of the UCG Constitution actually mentions spiritual gifts as an important aspect of the role of the Church of God. The Church’s efforts aren’t just the efforts of the ministry, the home office or the Council of Elders, but what every member supplies to the work of God.

He said that the Bible is clear that members of God’s Church should be desiring spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:31). Not everyone has the same gifts, but God’s people are given gifts so that they may serve in different roles and fulfill necessary and profitable tasks for the Church.

We don’t see every spiritual gift listed in the Bible in the Church today. Certain things like major, spectacular miracles, the gift of tongues and others are not or are hardly ever seen in the modern day. It’s very possible they may be reintroduced in the future. But there are many spiritual gifts at work today.

The main key is that spiritual gifts are always to be used to serve one another. They should never be used to promote oneself or with pride, but with humility and a Christ-like attitude of service and sacrifice.


  • Ahumble1
    'The main key is that spiritual gifts are always to be used to serve one another.' Perhaps even more accurately put would be '...used to serve others.', i.e. not only the Body of Christ thus having the Spirit providing powerful witnessing to God's grace possibly resulting in more folks turning to seek Him?