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Gerald Seelig Retires As Corporate Secretary

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Gerald Seelig Retires As Corporate Secretary

The United Church of God would like to recognize Gerald Seelig for his dedicated service as corporate secretary of the United Church of God and secretary of the Council of Elders. For the past 20 years, Mr. Seelig has worked tirelessly, guiding the Church as a legal organization through transitions and administration changes to ensure that UCGIA maintains compliance with corporation requirements. Possessing a thorough knowledge of the bylaws and responsible for ensuring their correct implementation, he has been vital to the success of UCGIA as a nonprofit through his diligence and commitment to the governing system. Mr. Seelig is also the banking and investment manager for United Church of God and will continue to serve in this capacity after his retirement from corporate and Council secretary, which took effect on July 1, 2019.

A few who worked closely with him during his time in this role reflected on the value of his service to UCG and God’s people: 

Peter Eddington, Media and Communication Services operation manager: “Mr. Seelig will be greatly missed as corporate secretary for the Church. His decades of service in this regard have brought a sense of stability and important continuity from Council to Council and administration to administration. His knowledge of the organization’s Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Association has been invaluable—with him being the ‘go to’ person when questions would arise as to precedent, interpretation and intent behind our governing documents. Mr. Seelig has made a great contribution to the work of the Church.” 

 Donald Ward, chairman of the Council of Elders: “As chairman of the Council of Elders it has been a pleasure working with Gerald. The chairman of the COE relies a great deal on the secretary. He is always available and very responsive to fulfilling whatever he is asked to do. Gerald is a person of high integrity—a person of high character in every sense of the word. He is fair and balanced and has been able to handle his duties as a true professional. ” 

 Victor Kubik, president: “Gerald and I have shared a wall between our offices for the past six years, and have known each other for 50 years. We speak every day when together in the home office as we are co-workers as well as friends. I admire his and Connie’s openness to those of like mind. They are tireless, indispensable workers.

“Since the start of the United Church of God 25 years ago, Gerald, as Secretary of the Council, has been the knowledgeable and authoritative voice of the Council of Elders. His experience has always found solutions to challenges. He is knowledgeable in our governing process, and even more knowledgeable as a Christian in how to wisely explain and resolve matters at hand.”

Frank Dunkle, incoming corporate secretary: “Gerald Seelig has served UCG as secretary for most of its corporate existence, and his experience and knowledge are a very valuable asset to the church. He’s made a challenging job look easy. it has been a pleasure to work with him to learn the job, and I’m very thankful that he’ll be around to provide guidance and advice as needed.”