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GN Print Advertising to Reach 13.3 Million for 2006-07

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GN Print Advertising to Reach 13.3 Million for 2006-07

A vigorous Good News print advertising campaign is planned for the new fiscal year. Nearly 13.3 million U.S. households will be reached through direct mail and "take one" brochures, resulting in over 100,000 new Good News subscribers.

As a part of this new effort, brethren will have the opportunity to distribute two newly designed trifold subscription brochures. One brochure will feature a cover photo of a lion and lamb with the headline "Will Our World Ever See Lasting Peace?" The second covers a topic that always receives a high response, "What Happens After Death?"

A major component of the advertising plan will be the placement of inserts in 24 card pack co-op mailers. Over 9 million U.S. households will be reached, resulting in thousands of new Good News subscribers.

Beginning in September, an updated bifold subscription brochure titled "Are You Prepared to Teach Values?" will be sent to 2,750,000 first-time mothers by means of American Baby, Inc. co-op mailers. Also, in January 2007, a test distribution of 500,000 Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension brochures will be conducted. These brochures will be inserted in American Baby's "Parents-Healthy Kids" sampling pack to be distributed at pediatrician's offices.

Also, beginning in October 2006, we plan to distribute 721,000 bifold "take one" subscription brochures on 4,500 "Good Neighbor" displays located in major supermarket and discount stores across the United States.

Our four-color brochures will feature the following titles: The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy, Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Keep?, The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, Heaven and Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach?, Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension and Managing Your Finances. Samples of these new brochures will be sent to all elders for display at Sabbath services.

As always, your prayers for a successful print advertising campaign will be much appreciated.