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Good Works Program Helps Brethren in Malawi

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Good Works Program Helps Brethren in Malawi

Last year Malawi experienced a very severe drought, which was especially bad in the southern region in the Blantyre area. In Africa, because of poverty and lack of education, many people barely have enough to eat during a normal year. Many plant small plots of maize (corn) and this is the food source they can afford. However, when a drought occurs, starvation becomes a very serious problem.

The problem was so severe in Malawi that some were eating mushrooms, roots and anything they could find. In one case this resulted in the death of a young boy and a family becoming very seriously ill. The maize price in Malawi was much greater this year than in normal years. Several international organizations tried to help by bringing food into this drought-ravaged country.

Earlier this year I contacted Tom Kirkpatrick about helping our brethren suffering from the drought. The Good Works Program graciously donated $1,100 to help the United Church of God brethren in that area. E.E. Salawila distributed the funds in Blantyre and Gladstone Chonde distributed them in Lilongwe.

Because of the drought, the economy of Malawi was depressed and even those with businesses in the cities found their income dramatically cut. Over 47 brethren in the congregations of Blantyre and Lilongwe received assistance from the Good Works funds.

The brethren in Malawi are very thankful for those who have donated and helped them through this crisis. Thankfully, the rains have come again this year and the maize crop is starting to get to the market. UN