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Grenada Feast Site Canceled

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Grenada Feast Site Canceled

We are sad to announce that due to restrictions placed by the government of Grenada, it will not be possible to hold the Feast in Grenada this year. The final word came yesterday after discussion with the sales manager for the Royalton Grenada Beach Resort. According to her, the Royalton is ready, but the Grenadian government is proceeding very cautiously in opening the country to overseas visitors (especially from the U.S. and Canada), and she does not foresee it happening until 2021.


Those who have registered for Granada should make other arrangements for the Feast of Tabernacles 2020 at this time. In case anyone is interested, the Feast site in Jamaica is still open, and things are progressing well. Jamaica is already accepting visitors from the U.S. and Canada. Jeff Lockhart, Stan Braumuller and Chuck Smith all plan to be there this year, and would love to have you join.

At this time, please change your household’s registration by following the steps found at this link: This greatly assists the Feast planning team and the home office as they work to serve you for the Feast of Tabernacles this year.

At this point, we are tentatively planning for a Feast in Grenada in 2021, God willing.