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Healthful Eats and Unleavened Treats

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Healthful Eats and Unleavened Treats

If you would like to submit a recipe, with the emphasis on health, there is still time. The deadline is Jan. 18. You can submit recipes in any of the categories: starters, main dishes, desserts and any unleavened dish. Our emphasis is on health, but as our title reads, “Healthy Eats and Unleavened Treats,” it is also about treats! 

The unleavened bread cookbook can be preordered in your local congregation for $12. More details about preordering will be announced in the coming weeks.

The cookbooks should be done in time for Unleavened Bread so everyone can enjoy making some of these delectable recipes!

We are excited about producing this cookbook, and want to thank everyone who has supported this ABC fundraising effort for our International Student Fund.

Any questions concerning the Unleavened Bread Cookbook can be directed to healthy.cookbook2019@gmail.com.