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Home Office Weekly Update

From the President . . .

Greetings brethren around the world,

It is good to know that everyone is home safely from the Feast. Those who were in Israel and Guatemala, it was a Feast you and all of us will remember because of the events in the world that affected you. They affected all of us, too, but we learned that trust in God is what we all need to cling to and build into our lives. He is our Rock, Refuge, Provider, Deliverer and Salvation (among so many other names we ascribe to Him, as well).

Now that we are back from the Feast, our collective mission around the world is to more earnestly continue building the spiritual temple—individually and collectively—that Jesus Christ will return to. That means we more earnestly, diligently and carefully adhere to God’s way and principles; more earnestly and carefully look at our attitudes and motivation; and more diligently work to become “in one accord” with God and each other. This is His Church that is bound by the Spirit of God and we must be about doing His work, His way—not looking to the world for answers, but seeking Him and His will and His truth, then doing it.

With world events heating up in the Middle East, with renewed talk of World War III in the wake of ongoing events and escalation between Israel and Hamas, it is so important and necessary for us to be getting the good news of Christ’s word out to the world; and it is so important for the world to know the Bible does talk about these events. When you hear news commentators and others asking, “Where will all this lead, how did the world become this way so quickly?”, God does provide the answer.

We know the truth, we know the way and we know the end result of the evil (that we have recently seen in the horrific terror attacks against Israeli citizens) and wickedness of this world will ultimately lead to a time of peace, joy, abundance and harmony for all upon Christ’s return.

But we cannot overlook the terrible times that the ways of this world and its governments will bring upon its citizens. They will be tough, and God’s people must be close to Him so they do not fall prey to the fear that will be foisted upon us, or be deceived by the clever arguments of this world.

As I stated in the sermon given last Sabbath, let’s purpose to do the things God gave us to do that please Him and build our faith, trust and love for Him. Everyone, bring the oil that keeps our lights burning, as a witness to the world of the goodness and peace of His way (Leviticus 24:1-3; Matthew 5:15-16); “burn incense” continually (Exodus 30:8) understanding that the incense is the “prayers of the saints” (Psalm 141:2; Revelation 5:3); and keep the fires burning day and night (Leviticus 6:12-13). God lit that fire in us at the Feast this year, and when He gave us His Holy Spirit.

Never let the fires go out. Tend to it day and night and keep your focus on God and what He is doing, and wants us to do—decently, diligently, earnestly, carefully and in order.

And pray to God, always asking Him to lead us in the way He prescribes for the gospel and warning and awareness message to get out to the world. Let’s all seek Him together that His will is done in all we do.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, as together we do His will and work in every area around the world.

In Christian love,
Rick Shabi

P.S. Feast reports from around the world are still coming in. From what I have heard, the Feast was inspiring with wonderful messages everywhere. Next week we will provide a synopsis of the Feast, complete with comments from around the world.

From Ministerial and Member Services . . .

Pastoral Transition

At the beginning of October, Nick Lamoureux was named pastor for the congregations in Watertown and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as well as Fargo, Bismarck and Minot, North Dakota. He had previously been serving as an associate pastor. The previous pastor, Ken Skorseth, will continue to serve those congregations alongside Mr. Lamoureux as assistant pastor. Your prayers are much appreciated for a smooth and successful transition as these men and their families serve the brethren throughout such an extensive area.

Northwest Family Weekend 2023

The Portland, Oregon, congregation will once again be hosting the Northwest Family Weekend from Dec. 22–25. Events for the weekend include a meet-and-greet on Friday night, Bible studies before services on Saturday morning, services on Saturday afternoon, separate family and teen dances on Saturday night, sports on Sunday morning, along with a Q&A with guest speaker Charles Melear, Conference Planner and Festival Coordinator out of Loveland, Colorado.

Registration information will be available soon. Reserve the date and plan to come and enjoy special time, socializing, entertainment and biblical instruction at this year’s Northwest Family Weekend in Portland, Oregon. For more information contact Rex Sexton (rex_sexton@ucg.org), pastor of the Portland congregation, or Ken Loucks (ken_loucks@ucg.org), assistant pastor.

Winter Family Weekend

It is time to plan for Winter Family Weekend. Everything will be conveniently held at one location, under one roof!

Watch this special video preview and register to attend Winter Family Weekend: Winter Family Weekend Video Announcement.

General registration will open this week on Friday, Oct. 20, at wfw.ucg.org.

All rooms have been contracted for the fantastic rate of $90 per night! The three available room sizes will be as follows: One King, Double Queen and One King plus pull-out sofa.

As you know it takes the help of many individuals for a program such as Winter Family Weekend. Regardless of what congregation you are from, if you are willing to volunteer in a certain area or simply in general, please be sure to complete the volunteer section of the registration page. We will find a spot for you and appreciate your service to God and the brethren!

Watch for further updates at wfw.ucg.org.