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Honoring Retiring Ministry

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Robert (Bob) and Dyanne Dick retired from the full-time ministry on Nov. 1, 2015, after 50 years of service to the Church of God. The Portland, Vancou- ver, and Hood River congregations are planning to honor the Dicks during a spe- cial Sabbath service on Nov. 7, 2015. The Dicks have pastored churches in Michi- gan, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Washington, Alaska and Oregon. Their first pastorate in 1965 (Mobile, Alabama) was the first integrated congregation in the Deep South. It was one of their more memorable assignments considering the social and political climate of the day. Over the years they’ve had the opportu- nity to meet brethren from around the world. Both have considered it to be a privilege and a blessing to live and work among God’s people.

Mr. Dick was instrumental in founding and establishing the United Church of God, being a member of the transitional board in 1995 and then the Council of Elders for 14 years (serving as chairman of the Council for eight years). Additional areas of service have included senior pas- tor for Northern Ohio, regional pastor for the Northwest region, keynote speak- er during the Feast of Tabernacles and regional and district Y.O.U. coordinator. Mr. Dick currently serves on the Council of Elders.

Longtime friends, coworkers and mem- bers shared these sentiments:

Noel and Becky Hornor: “Bob and Dyanne Dick have provided a strong sense of stability and compassion for the 

Church and its members during some very turbulent times. Their love and respect for God’s people is evident by their ability to patiently listen, encourage and give well considered and wise counsel. Mr. Dick is especially effective in work- ing with people to understand the under- lying issues with a sincere desire and patient dedication to help them grow in their relationship with God. We especially appreciate their dedication and sacrifice for the benefit of God’s people.”

Colleen Hofer: “Over the past 16 years we have, as a congregation, come to love the Dicks. We look to them as friends, very much like a family. He is such an excellent pastor, teacher and counselor that we all admire and respect. They have been stellar examples to us in leading a happy and balanced life.”

LeeAnn Luker: “Bob and Dyanne Dick are the epitome of graciousness. They have always been faithful to God’s Word and truth, serving His people with genu- ine care, warmth and kindness.”

When asked what words of advice and insight they would share, their thoughts included:

Mr. Dick: “Always treat everyone under you with respect. If you live long enough at least one of them will one day be your superior.

“When peer pressure reigns it is hard to remember your principles, but consider one thing: When most of your accom- plishments have been forgotten the prin- ciples you lived by will still be remem- bered. 

“Treat Church members who come to you with serious problems with respect. Remember they didn’t have to expose themselves to your scrutiny; they did so because they were converted.”

Mrs. Dick: “Be yourself. Be genuine. We all bring different gifts of service to the brethren. Make your family priority as they are a lifetime investment and God’s gift to us.

“In our ministry we have been through many changes. Life itself presents us with many challenges. When my mother-in- law was dying she said, ‘God has been good to me, I have had a good life.’ I can say the same thing reflecting back on the past 50 years. God has helped us every step of the way.”

Bob and Dyanne Dick have two sons and two daughters-in-law (Phillip and Jennifer Dick and Timothy and Elizabeth Dick) and three grandchildren (Emily, Connor and Gavin). They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Oct. 19, 2015. In retirement the Dicks are look- ing forward to spending more time with their family without counting the “vaca- tion” days. Mr. Dick plans on capturing the beauty of the Northwest region pho- tographically and will use the extra time for expanded research, editing and writ- ing memoirs for his children and grand- children.