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Honoring Retiring Ministry

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Gary and Barbara Antion

Gary Antion was honored for his 51 years in the ministry and as an employee with a reception at the home office. Mr. Antion began visiting and giving sermonettes his senior year at Ambassador College Bricketwood in 1962-63. After graduation, he was married to Barbara Ochs, and they were sent to New York City so he could serve as ministerial trainee for the Northeast region. He was ordained April 25, 1964, and sent to pastor churches in Toronto and Buffalo. In 1978 he was asked to teach at Ambassador College in Pasadena, which led to his eventual appointment as dean of students.

Including his time preaching during his senior year at Ambassador, he has served churches in Missouri, Illinois, Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. He has served on the Council of Elders, on the Canadian National Council, as Canadian national office coordinator, and as education task force chairman.

When asked about highlights from his years of service, Mr. Antion shared this:

“Both of our miracle daughters were born in Canada. Mr. Armstrong anointed us as we had no children for four years. Barb conceived the very next month and in November 1968, we welcomed Janice Marie into our home. Susan Kay came just 15 months later. Another highlight was seeing God give the growth in the Buffalo and Toronto areas—22 churches sprang from the original two! Another highlight has been teaching and interacting with students for 30 years as instructor and administrator at both campuses of Ambassador College as well as at Ambassador Bible College.

We have loved wherever we have served—from Canada and Buffalo to California to Texas back again to Canada and now in Cincinnati—it is God and His people who make serving enjoyable! We are grateful to have served through the years with our ministerial brothers and sisters.”

Mr. and Mrs. Antion enjoy sports, both playing as well as watching them live or on television. They both love music and have played instruments in the past, as well as singing in the Ambassador Chorale and dancing. They love their family and spending time with them. They have two children and four grandchildren.

Frank Dunkle, who is taking on the role of ABC coordinator from Mr. Antion, said this:

“It’s an honor to follow Mr. Antion at Ambassador. He’s been very supportive and helpful, and it’s also reassuring to know that he is going to be available for help and advice in the years ahead. Mr. Antion has been a constant for students from different eras: from Ambassador College to Ambassador University through Ambassador Bible Center to, now, the College. Mr. Antion has been there for us, teaching across the decades. He has exemplified a passion for maintaining high standards in instruction and in the unique culture of Ambassador College. The work that he has done makes it possible for us to carry on with the work ahead of us at Ambassador Bible College.”

Roy Holladay shared this:

“Gary Antion and I were in the same freshman class at Ambassador College in 1959. Gary always seemed to have an outgoing personality and concern for others. He was also a good athlete. Barbara came to college the next year. Gary and Barbara have always had a reputation as a loving and caring couple. Wherever they served, the members always spoke highly of them. We count them both as dear friends and it has been a pleasure to work with Gary again at the home office.”