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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Fred and Lucretia Kellers

Mr. Kellers began serving as a ministerial assistant in 1963 and was ordained on Oct. 17, 1965. Over the years the Kellers have pastored churches in Kentucky, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arkansas and Tennessee, and served as regional pastor for three years.

Beginning in the 1980s the Kellers visited the brethren in Africa as needed, and in 1999 Mr. Kellers was assigned as the senior pastor for Nigeria and West Africa, a position he served in for 11 years. Some of his most memorable work experiences come from those years in Africa.

Roy Holladay: “Fred Kellers and I were roommates our freshman year at Ambassador College. We have agreed not to tell any stories about each other dating back to that period. We have always been impressed by Fred’s faith and trust in God. Both he and Lucretia have been examples of love of the brethren. When United started we worked closely with Fred to build and stabilize the Nashville church. We have cherished our friendship with Fred and Lucretia and count them both as dear friends.”

From Victor Kubik: “Mr. Kellers is greatly admired for his passion for people that he has served internationally and domestically. He is a gifted and colorful speaker who has inspired many, especially at the Feast of Tabernacles.”

When asked what their plans were after retirement, this is what Mr. Kellers shared:

“I intend to continue to assist Mark Mickelson in serving Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. I intend to continue to serve the members in this area by assisting Gary Petty, the new pastor for this area. I would like to assist him as well as the elders, Bill Vernich and John Paul Jones, who have assisted me in serving. They set a very high standard.

I have absolutely no artistic ability, but there are three things that I want to draw: First, I want to draw closer to God; second, I want to draw closer to Lucretia; third, I want to draw closer to peace.”

Fred and Lucretia Ann Kellers have been married for 51 years. They have four children and nine grandchildren.