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Honoring Retiring Ministry: Howard Davis

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Howard Davis

Mr. Davis was ordained into the ministry on Sept. 10, 1983. Over the years he has pastored congregations both in the United States and Canada; including in Oregon, New York, British Columbia and Manitoba. Prior to his retirement Howard was pastoring congregations in New York City. 

Longtime Friends and Co-workers Shared These Sentiments:

Rex Sexton: “It has been an honor to have Howard Davis as a close friend and fellow minister for almost 30 years. Howard is the most prolific ‘idea man’ I have ever known. His excitement and energy are always encouraging and he has a profound dedication to preaching the Gospel. When the Church needed him he was always willing to serve. 

“Howard pioneered taking advantage of Public Access Television in the 1990’s and produced the Tomorrow program for many years. Howard would advocate for the audience, questioning guest ministers as if he did not understand the Bible or topic. Appearing with Howard on a one-hour program that went live to the greater Portland area right after Monday Night Football was exciting but never predictable! 

“His ideas were instrumental in the Kingdom of God lecture series, among many other contributions to the work of the Church. What has impressed me most about Howard has been his dedication as a father to his special needs son, Ben. They spent many evenings and hundreds of hours together on Ben’s homework so Ben could complete High School and begin working, and the video history Howard recorded and produced on Ben’s growing up won the highest award in the nation for amateur video.”

Bob Dick: “Howard has always been a man of boundless energy and endless ideas. I remember in the early 90’s being invited to attend an awards ceremony for community television productions in Los Angeles where Howard was honored for his biographical documentary on autism and his son Benjamin.

“During those same years Howard hosted a public access television program modeled after the Charlie Rose program and used local members trained in television production to staff the program and fellow ministers as guests.

“Howard later made an around the world trip to sites where members of the Lost Ten Tribes migrated, filming locations across Europe and Russia and into Asia. He had an amazing ability to gain entrance to sites rarely accessible to the public.

“Howard has always been a go-getter—full of energy and always exploring new ideas.”

Peter Eddington: “Howard Davis has worked for more than a decade for the Media and Communications Services department, writing articles for the then Good News magazine, and also providing video support for Beyond Today television.

“In the early years of Beyond Today TV, Mr. Davis recorded and edited all of the booklet and magazine commercials that ran within the programs. He had a video editing suite setup in an office space rented in Portland, Oregon, from which he did his work. In addition, Mr. Davis produced and presented a cable-access video program titled, Tomorrow, which he ran for many years in the Northwest area of the United States.

“His contributions to the work of the Church have been greatly appreciated, and all of our media department employees wish him well in his retirement years—especially with his new grandchild!”

The United Church of God appreciates the dedication, loyalty and service that Howard Davis has shown throughout his years of employment and looks forward to his contributions throughout his retirement years.