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Honoring Retiring Ministry: Jim and Joan Tuck

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Jim and Joan Tuck

They began their ministry in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, just after graduation. Mr. Tuck reflected, “My job and my life has been serving as a pastor in various areas crisscrossing the United States, adding up to 15 different congregations. In thinking back on each of the churches I have served as pastor, a great lesson comes to mind. God always gives us what we need to accomplish His work! Often, we face trials and there are disappointments . . . We pray about it, and every time God provides those needed to do His work, and more effectively than ever before. God always grants the resources to do what He calls upon us to do. My wife has stood by me and has been a major contributor in my ministry. Both of us feel privileged to have been involved with the greatest job and work on earth.”

In 2011, Mr. Tuck conducted a leadership training program in Chongwe, Zambia. In 2012, he returned with his wife to visit various church areas with the Zambian pastor, Wilson Nkhoma. He notes, “It was a life-changing experience to meet our brethren in Africa . . . It has been the greatest privilege and joy to work shoulder to shoulder with converted brethren.” Mr. Tuck has also taught pastoral training classes, written for United News and the Pastoral Communique, and since 1998 produced a weekly newsletter and blog titled, “Prophetic Times.” 

Joan Tuck commented on the 46 years of assisting her husband, “I reflect on the experience of living in some of the unique cultures in America. Our first assignment was the Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We then were sent to the deep south, Alabama, where our first two sons were born. In extreme contrast our next move was to the great Northwest and the snowy winters in Idaho and eastern Oregon, where our third son was born. In our next move we experienced the intense summer heat of the southwest and discovered the beauty of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.”

The Tucks’ longest asignment was in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley and wine country of northern California. They have also served brethren in Hawaii. Their last move was to Arizona, where two of their sons and seven grandsons live. 

Mrs. Tuck reflected, “In all these places it has been our privilege to know the amazing people God has called! My prayer over the years is that God would give us His love for His people. By His mercy this has helped us through many difficulties and by the faith He gives us we know “ . . . our labor is not in vain in the Lord.” 

Upon retirement, the Tucks plan to spend time with their children and grandchildren, tackle writing projects and travel to new parts of the U.S. 

Coworkers and friends commented on the Tucks’ retirement:

Mark Welch: “Jim and Joan Tuck are one of the finest ministerial couples I have had the privilege of serving alongside. They are very fine examples of a loving, serving couple who always strive to keep the best interests of our members clearly in mind… Jim has proactively mentored a number of ministers in the Phoenix area and has done a fine job of preparing them to pastor and serve.”

Monte Knudson: “Mr. Tuck has served as a dedicated servant of God. I still look forward to gleaning what I can from him.”

Robin and Susan Webber: “The Tucks . . . have been loving servants among the flock of God both here in the States and abroad. Susan and I have had the pleasure and joy of knowing Jim and Joan and their boys (now men!) for multiple decades through serving in the Southwest Region and at summer camp and Festival sites. Always straight shooters, humble in approach, kindly in manner, available to those in need, true to the Scriptures, always ready for new challenges and simply a lot of fun to be around… As Scripture declares about those who have stayed the course, ‘Well done, good and faithful servants’ (Matthew 25:23).”