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Honoring Retiring Ministry: Randy and Kay Schreiber

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Randy and Kay Schreiber

Randy Schreiber is currently the pastor of four church congregations. He pastors all of Arizona and New Mexico, which includes Northern Arizona; Show Low, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His first ministerial assignment began in 1971 during his college practical theology class at Ambassador College. This class included a work-study program where he worked under John Ritenbaugh in Norwalk, California, as a ministerial trainee. After graduation in 1972, he was sent out to serve in California in the areas of Merced, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Mojave and Bishop, and he worked under Wayne Shiflet. Mr. Schreiber explained that during that time, the area was the second largest geographical pastorate in the United States. “We put on over 70,000 miles yearly during my two-year period of service there,” Mr. Schreiber explained.

Other assignments Mr. Schreiber held were Denver, Colorado; Kalispell, Montana; Enid, Oklahoma; Jackson Hole/Alpine, Wyoming; Blackfoot and Twin Falls, Idaho; Reno, Battle Mt./Carlin and Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Show Low, Yuma and Northern Arizona, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In 1973, Mr. Schreiber was hired on full-time at graduation from Ambassador College, became a minister and married the love of his life, Kay Jantzen.

In 1977, he asked to leave the full-time ministry because he felt he needed some “real world” work experience. He and his wife left Denver and moved to Kalispell, Montana, where he served as pastor and began working “outside of Church.” He briefly worked in sales and soon after bought his own chain saw and began working for the U.S. Forest Service thinning trees in the Glacier National Park region. Later he also worked for a custom homebuilder, where he was able to learn carpentry.

During their time in Montana the Schreibers had a mindset focused on independence and being self-sufficient. However, God allowed that sense of independence to fall apart. Mr. Schreiber explained that a lack of wisdom and poor choices caused their financial independence plans to crumble. He said, “God did not want us to rely upon ourselves and distance ourselves from the Body of Christ. Lesson learned: We need God, and we need each other. For the next 40 years, that lesson has always stuck with us. Without putting God first, our physical plans will come to nothing. God called each of us to be a part of the Body, not apart from His spiritual Body. While challenges do arise, and circumstances change, these principles remain. Because we are one with God and with each other—it would be difficult to be an ‘independent Christian.’”

In 1979, he was hired by the Church to come back on full-time in the ministry. This was during a Church crisis, and he worked full-time until 1994. In 1994 he decided to retire from the ministry when the Worldwide Church of God was going through dramatic doctrinal changes. During the next six years he held various jobs. However, during five of those years, he was also the pastor of the Reno and Las Vegas congregations in United Church of God. Once again, in 2000, he was accepted into the full-time ministry in the state of Arizona.

While transitioning into retirement (retirement date is Sept. 1, 2016), Mr. Schreiber will continue to serve as pastor in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and continue to serve in Arizona under the pastor. Both Mr. and Mrs. Schreiber plan to serve God’s Church in any way they can, which includes continuing to work with the Deuteronomy 6 youth instruction program, conducting marriage seminars, and serving the home office as needed. Both Mr. and Mrs. Schreiber are looking forward to spending more time with their kids and grandkids. Mr. Schreiber wants to work around his home, fix up his ‘88 Dodge pickup and other things he hasn’t been able to focus on over the past several years.

When reflecting back on their years serving in the full-time ministry this is what Mr. Schreiber shared:

“Over the 56 years as part of the Church of God, there have been trials and tests to try our faith and convictions. The many splits in the Church and loss of members or friends have been the source of sadness and discouragement at times. That said, being called into God’s truth is the greatest blessing a person can have. Staying true to God’s way and following the laws of love brings blessings, happiness and deep fulfillment. We would not trade the life that God, in His mercy, has given us for anything."

Close friends and family shared these thoughts:

Kay Schreiber: We have been married for over 43 years, and we have continued our families’ legacy of serving God’s people together as a team. Randy’s service and leadership style is one of inclusion. We both believe and have promoted a whole-Church effort, so that every member has a place of service within the Church. Randy has a gift of seeing people in a positive manner, not focusing on challenging areas, so this helps to nurture the membership in their godly spiritual journeys. As a result our churches have had a broad, diverse, and variety of programs that promote all members serving collectively to build stronger relationships with God and with each other as members of God’s Body. Additionally, we have been very involved in youth and teen activities, camps, pre-teen camps, and youth programs during our years in the ministry. We love working with families and kids!

"Our future retirement plans will include serving God’s people, but with different methods. We look forward to God’s guidance in our future.”

Steve Buchanan: “Randy and Kay and their family were among the first in our ministry to respond to the enormous difficulties the Church of God faced in the early and mid-1990s. I have greatly admired his stand for the truths that we all hold dear. Under very difficult circumstances, Randy was forced to give up his pastorate because he wouldn’t endorse false doctrines. In addition, the example he set during those times was very telling. He stayed in his area (Reno) and continued to serve the members as a 'non-career' minister. And he, Kay and their family waited until the ultimate solution was provided in 1995. An unforgettable, joyous memory Terri and I will always cherish is seeing Randy’s wonderful, optimistic smile at our inaugural conference in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, in early May of 1995. The Schreiber family has set a wonderful example of loyalty and service through almost 50 years of employment! We all wish them a very blessed and fulfilling retirement! Staying true to God’s way and following the laws of love brings blessings, happiness and deep fulfillment.”