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Honoring Retiring Ministry: Roy and Norma Holladay

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Roy and Norma Holladay

The Chattanooga churches honored Roy and Norma Holladay for their years of faithful service on the Sabbath of May 22, 2016, where Mr. Kubik presented them with a commemorative crystal globe. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a cake reception.

The Holladays have pastored congregations throughout the United States, including in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, and Tennessee.

Roy Holladay was instrumental in the founding of the United Church of God, serving on the transitional board and later on the Council of Elders for nine years (acting as chairman for four-plus years). Mr. Holladay was the United Church of God president for three years (May 2002-July 2005). Over the years he was an ABC instructor and was a festival coordinator for nine years.

Longtime Friends and Work Colleagues Shared Their Thoughts:

Victor Kubik: “Roy and Norma Holladay have been some of the most considerate and fairest people that I have ever known. Both of them love to be with brethren and the ministry whom they gave their lives for. They believe the best in people. However, in his managerial work Roy was never afraid to face challenges and resolve problems. He was always thorough and deliberate before making judgments and speaking out.

“In his managerial roles whether chairman of the Council of Elders, Ministerial and Member Services operation manager, he is remembered as someone who got things done. He stayed with tasks until they came to conclusion.

“Roy underwent trials in his career and was not always treated kindly, but he never allowed himself to respond in kind. He was always aware of God’s greater timetable and purpose. He is a living example of patience and faith. I value deeply the years that I worked alongside Roy. He is a giant, and we will be eternally friends.”

Peter Eddington: “Mr. Holladay is one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. As Church president he was very understanding of the work being done by the media department and fully supported our various efforts.”

Gerald Seelig: “Having worked with Roy when he was either chairman, president or both, I always found him approachable. He would always listen—and hear you. He always took notes. He would verify and not just take someone’s word. As my wife Connie says, ‘You could disagree with Roy and he could still be your friend.’

“My wife and I admire Roy and Norma for many reasons. One that stands out is, when mistreated and/or attacked, they never retaliated. But they learned from it, especially how not to treat others. They both have firm foundations in the Word of God.”

Matt Fenchel: “I had the privilege of assisting Roy Holladay during his tenure as UCG president  and chairman of the Council. I quickly came to appreciate his humble approach to serving God and our brethren. His sermons are tremendously well researched and carefully planned—certainly a fine example to me as a more junior minister. He always took a personal interest in people, and I count him as one of my mentors to this day. The kind and generous spirit of Roy and Norma will remain with me always.”

Roy and Norma Holladay Share Their Reflections:

Roy Holladay: “It has been a honor to work for God in his harvest for the last 53 years. The ministry is a calling to serve the family of God. That service is based upon a loving relationship. Like any family the people of God need to know you love them and care for them. Norma and I have served together as a team. She has a special ability to empathize and to relate to everyone she meets. Her example and assistance has helped me to grow in these areas.

“There are many lessons that you learn over the years. One lesson is that you can become so busy with activities that you can neglect what is really important: your relationship with God is most important—followed by your relationship with your family.

“Striving for advancement or a higher position should not be our motivation. I have found there is always much room for growth in whatever job I had.”

Norma Holladay: “We have left our hearts and our love where we have lived and served God’s Church. We have made many dear and precious friends during our 53 years of being in the ministry.”

Roy and Norma Holladay celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary this past June. They have five sons and 13 grandchildren. They currently reside in Ooltewah, Tennessee.