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Honoring Retiring Ministry: Tom and Lisa Damour

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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Tom and Lisa Damour

Tom and Lisa met while attending Ambassador College from 1977-1980, and were married at her family’s ranch in Wyoming on Aug. 5, 1979. After they graduated Ambassador College, Mr. Damour with a master’s degree in theology in June of 1980, the Damours were sent to West Virginia where Mr. Damour served as ministerial trainee for two years. From there, they continued on to the New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana, congregations, where Mr. Damour was ordained an elder in 1982. He served as an associate pastor in Louisiana until 1986, after which time they were transferred to pastor the Meridian and Laurel, Mississippi, congregations until the spring of 1988. That spring the Damours were transferred to the Champaign and Springfield, Illinois, congregations. After the establishment of the United Church of God, Mr. Damour also pastored the Canton, Illinois, congregation. Most recently, the Damours have pastored the Lubbock, Amarillo and Odessa, Texas, congregations (as well as the Roswell, New Mexico, church) from 2001-2019. 

The Damours are blessed with three children who are also members of the Church. Their grandchildren are fourth generation Christians in the Church. Over the years, Mr. Damour has served as department head at the Feast of Tabernacles and has written several articles for Virtual Christian magazine and Good News magazine when they were in circulation. He has also staffed at United Youth Camps for three years. 

Mr. Damour commented, “As I think back on the years we have been blessed to serve God’s people, one important lesson comes to mind. Namely, those of us who are ordained to serve should take their calling seriously, but not take [our]selves too seriously. By that I mean, God will use us if we remain humble and understand we [are] not dispensable. If we forget that, He will use somebody else to get His Work done.”

Mr. Damour has lately become a beekeeper and loves learning about bees. He is currently enrolled in a Master Beekeepers course with the goal to become a master beekeeper in about five years. After retirement the Damours plan to spend a lot of time with their seven granddaughters, all of which live within an hour away. 

Coworkers and friends shared comments upon the Damours’ retirement: 

Mark Welch: “I have always respected Tom a great deal because of his obvious care for the brethren he was serving. I have admired Tom’s willingness to persevere in that service to our brethren, in spite of very serious personal health concerns. Tom has been a very diligent student and teacher of God’s Word. I have also known Lisa for many years and have always appreciated her warmth, sincerity and faithfulness.”

Nathan and Barbara Abbott: “I remember when I first met Tom Damour. We knew he was to come to Lubbock, but we had never seen him before. I was at the hospital with a [Church] friend and her husband, who was not a member. He was dying with cancer. Hospice had just come and was talking with my friend.

“A man came to the door, dressed in a nice suit. I thought he was the chaplain in the hospital. We talked for quite a while; it was as if I had known him forever. And then we introduced ourselves to each other and that is when I found out he was our new minister. We chuckled about that, not knowing who he was.

“When hospice was finished talking with my friend, Mr. Damour went over to talk with her husband. Her husband was very scared of how he had lived his life and of dying. I will never forget the conversation Tom Damour had with this man. He was compassionate, caring, loving, kind and truthful. He put my friend’s husband at ease and he was not afraid anymore. My heart melted at the love and concern Tom had for this man. That is how Tom and Lisa have been all the years they were here in Lubbock.

“They truly loved each one of us, and still do. They have cried with us, laughed with us, corrected us. The last few years Tom and Lisa had severe trials of their own with Tom’s illness and Lisa had some as well, but that did not hinder them taking care of, loving and helping us. I admire that so much! They truly have God’s Spirit working in them, using it to serve and help all of us.”