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Huge Print Advertising Campaign: To Occur January-March, 2018

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Huge Print Advertising Campaign

To Occur January-March, 2018

[December 22, 2017] Throughout January, February and March 2018, 80,000,000 advertisements featuring Beyond Today magazine and our Bible study aids will reach households from coast-to coast in the United States.

This massive print ad campaign by the United Church of God will feature two study aids which have proved highly successful in previous advertising efforts. These include “How to Understand the Bible ” and “Heaven and Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach? ” Both of these study aids have generated very good cost-per-response in previous efforts compared to other study aids that had also been tested.

This newest promotional effort will take place using three separate coupon venues: 1) Valassis Sunday newspaper inserts will be placed in 70 million households in nearly every state. 2) M-Spark postal mail wraps, which are delivered directly into mailboxes by the postal carriers, will reach 5 million homes located mostly in the South and Midwest. 3) Parade Magazine’s Sunday newspaper insert edition will reach 5 million households in a variety of states.

We ask that you would pray that God would bless this upcoming campaign. Your prayers make a big difference. People truly need the gospel message today! By responding to our ads they will have the opportunity to learn from a selection of articles in Beyond Today magazine for a full year. Plus, by reading the study aids they will be able to examine in greater detail, specific biblical doctrine and information that they may have never before heard, seen or understood.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and for your wonderful, ongoing support. We appreciate it greatly.