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International News at a Glance: Bible Studies Started in Cebu and McArthur

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International News at a Glance

Bible Studies Started in Cebu and McArthur

Though there were only two Church members living in that area, 35 people attended the first meeting. Most of the attendees were Good News subscribers and their family members.

The first presentation was about "The Church Jesus Built." The second was held Nov. 26 and was attended by 21 people. A lively discussion followed during the Q&A on the presentation "Three Days and Three Nights" of Christ's entombment.

The third seminar was scheduled for Dec. 10, but was postponed because of Typhoon Seniang.

Another Bible study group formed when a number of people from the towns of Abuyog and McArthur showed interest in the Church. This came after we visited the mayor of McArthur, who had subscribed to The Plain Truth and knew much about Church doctrine. He gave the Church approval to use the Senior Citizens Office for the Bible study as we need it.

Raul Villacote conducted the first Bible study Dec. 23 and had 16 people in attendance.