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International News at a Glance: Canadian Responses Growing

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International News at a Glance

Canadian Responses Growing

In the first three months of the calendar year, UCG–Canada added nearly 1,500 new subscribers to The Good News magazine. As of March 31, we had 11,692 subscribers on file.

Incoming mail from January to March is higher than the same period last year. Especially encouraging is the increasing number of Internet subscription and literature requests—nearly 3,000 since Jan. 1. At the end of April, Internet requests were projected to exceed the total for all of 2004. These requests currently make up more than 50 percent of our total incoming mail. At the current rate, Canada could end the year with about 10,000 such requests—about 30 percent more than last year's record number of Internet requests.

All this incoming mail is resulting in a lot of outgoing mail. For the first three months of 2007, the average number of items distributed per month stood at 14,822. (That's about 500 pieces per month more than last year.)

The Canadian office has also received over 750 responses to the semiannual letter sent in February offering the Bible Study Course and the Holidays or Holy Days booklet.

Through April 12, 1,548 Canadians have responded to the Beyond Today television program. Almost 75 percent of those responses have been new additions to our file. We've added over 900 new subscribers to The Good News since the program began airing in May of 2006.

The program "Christians Who Don't Keep Easter" set several records in early April. It offered the Holidays or Holy Days booklet. The total number of responses came to 88—a record. Of those, 54 were from the program itself and the remaining 34—also a record—were from the beyondtodaytv.ca Web site. The phone responses to the TV program came from eight provinces. The average number of responses per program is steadily increasing.

The fiscal year ended March 31 with income for the year being more than budgeted. For that we are very grateful.