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International News at a Glance: Caribbean Region Sees Growth

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International News at a Glance

Caribbean Region Sees Growth

Now 11 years after our new beginnings, it is still small, but God continues to bless the work in the region. Eleven years ago less then 20 persons and just two tiny congregations were associated with UCG.

From those humble beginnings, God has raised up eight additional congregations in the Caribbean and Guyana that meet each Sabbath. There are also scattered brethren on many of the islands in the region, and new contacts in Suriname and Curacao.

Beyond Today can be heard on three regional radio stations each week. Thousands of Good News magazines are distributed each issue. Thousands of booklets, brochures and other printed material are being sent to subscribers.

Several new people are attending services for the first time and a number of baptisms have taken place in 2006.

Kingsley Mather, regional pastor for the Bahamas, Caribbean and parts of South America, set off Jan. 14 to visit with our brethren in Trinidad and Guyana. He was scheduled to spend two weeks in Guyana.

Excerpted from the Caribbean Newsletter, January 2007, www.ucgcaribbean.org/cnl/.