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International News at a Glance: GN Readers Invited in Isle of Man

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International News at a Glance

GN Readers Invited in Isle of Man

The latest in a series of special Sabbath services in Douglas, Isle of Man, to which Good News readers were invited was held on March 3. The topic was "What Is Your Destiny?" Peter Hawkins gave a PowerPoint presentation on "God's Plan of Redemption" and David Fenney addressed "God's Plan of Salvation as Depicted by the Holy Days."

Over the past year invitations have been sent to around 30 GN readers advising them of each of these meetings. To date, seven new people have attended, some more than once. Two others have attended one of the regular Sabbath services in Ramsey, and five others have written or phoned expressing interest in the Douglas meetings, but have not yet attended.

Just before the start of the service, David Payne was ordained as an elder. He will assist David Fenney.

— UCG–British Isles National Announcements, March 17, 2007