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January-March 2018 Print Advertisement Rollout Brings Excellent Results: NEW: Upcoming Summer Tests of Six New Print Advertisements

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January-March 2018 Print Advertisement Rollout Brings Excellent Results

NEW: Upcoming Summer Tests of Six New Print Advertisements

[June 6, 2018] From January through March of 2018, the United Church of God distributed over 80 million print advertisements to households throughout the United States. Each ad featured a free subscription to Beyond Today magazine plus an offer for one of two Bible study aids: “Heaven and Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach?” or “How to Understand the Bible.” Both of these study aids had generated excellent results in previous ad testing.

During this massive ad “rollout” we engaged three major venues including (1) Valassis Sunday newspaper coupon inserts (2) Parade Magazine’s Sunday newspaper inserts and (3) M-Spark postal mail wraps, which were delivered directly into mailboxes by the postal carriers.

We are pleased to report that the results of this major ad campaign proved highly satisfactory. Multiple thousands of Bible-study aids were requested along with subscriptions to  Beyond Today  magazine. In addition, the cost-per-response generated was one of the lowest we have seen in recent years. Literature requests from this endeavor are even now continuing to be received and processed at the home office. 

Upcoming Summer Tests of Six New Print Advertisements

In our continuing quest to generate superior results we will be testing six new coupon print ads this summer in 10 million more U.S. households which will feature the following Bible study aids: 

  1. Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army
  2. Is There Really a Devil? 
  3. The Book of Revelation Unveiled 
  4. The Truth About the Rich Man and Lazarus 
  5. Tools for Spiritual Growth 
  6. Why Am I Suffering? 

The objective in testing these ads in approximately 1,600,000 households each, is to determine if one or two of them can generate high enough response to replace the two ads we used in our early-2018 ad rollout noted above. If this transpires, we will likely use them in a new ad campaign of approximately 90 million ads in January-March, 2019. We eagerly look forward to the results of these upcoming tests.

As we make every effort to reach out to the public with the gospel message through print, Internet and video advertising and programming, please continue your diligent prayers for God’s Work around the globe. As always, your support is greatly and sincerely appreciated by everyone at the home office and in the Church’s international offices.