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Keeping the Feast at Home or Not Attending In-Person Services?

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Keeping the Feast at Home or Not Attending In-Person Services?

We want you to feel as close to the other brethren keeping the Feast of Tabernacles as possible. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ucgfot to share the experience virtually with others who are keeping the Feast!

You can visit ucg.org/members/feast/sites/2021/celebrating-the-feast-at-homeonline to register, or click “Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles At Home/Online” under the Feast sites page at feast.ucg.org.

This page can be your home base during the Feast. You can access the webcast each day by selecting the “Webcast” tab on this page, or check the “Posts” tab for new content posted during the week. Articles, Festival greetings and other resources are curated during the Feast especially with you in mind, and you can access them all through this webpage. Email coordinator Ariana Del Signore (ariana_delsignore@ucg.org) with any questions.

Festival greetings and photos can be found by joining the Facebook group titled, “Celebrating the Feast at Home/Online 2021.” Last year, this page was a wonderful resource for connecting those keeping the Feast of Tabernacles, whether traveling or staying home. Feel free to post photos and videos of how you are making the Feast special this year, or post greetings to others on this page. We know it’s not the same as being in person, but hopefully you can consider this page a virtual fellowship time during the Feast.

If you have young children, you can download Festival youth instruction lesson plans at: ucg.org/members/news/2021-festival-youth-instruction. Festival activity booklets can be downloaded at ucg.org/members/news/festival-youth-activity-booklets-available-2021.

We hope you have a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles rejoicing in spirit with all of your brethren around the world!