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Linda Dwornik Recognized for Service to United News

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Linda Dwornik Recognized for Service to United News

President Victor Kubik commented, “We really enjoyed and appreciated Linda’s presence at the home office. She is a creative, resourceful person whose skills fit the jobs that needed to be done. She was very conscientious about all the various internal publications that needed to be created. She always used good judgment and made certain that our Church’s mission was never compromised. Linda is interested in people in other parts of the world and has traveled to South America, Africa and other places to participate in Youth Corps projects. We will miss her infectious bright smile and hope that she will come back to visit us from time to time.”

Media and Communications Services operation manager Peter Eddington reflected on Linda’s service: “She was a pleasure to have around the home office, and her work on our internal publications—including United News, the Camp Magazine and the Festival Brochure—was very much appreciated. She will be greatly missed as a valuable member of our Media and Communications Services department.”

Beyond Today presenter Darris McNeely: “Linda did an amazing job as the managing editor of United News. How she jockeyed all the articles and edits for the dozens of different items each issue always impressed me. She was a pleasure to work with over the years.”

Editorial content editor and former managing editor of United News Mitch Moss commented: “Linda’s natural, friendly demeanor made her a fun person to work with. Her love for travel gives her a wide perspective of the world, and her love of children and experience in the classroom made her especially suited to working on UCG’s youth education resources. It was satisfying to see, after apprenticing her in United News and the rest of the Church’s internal publications when she first started, the ways she went on to bring a fresh perspective to bear on them.”