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Local Church Updates: Church Gymnast Wins State Meet

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Local Church Updates

Church Gymnast Wins State Meet

Lauren Kelly, 14-year-old daughter of Stuart and Tammy Kelly of the Portland, Oregon, congregation, became the 2006 All Around State Level 6 Champion (in the 13+ age group) in a competitive girls gymnastics meet Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006. Lauren has been training at the Gym-Nest for over five years and homeschools through Oregon Connections Academy.

Lauren is thankful to her coaches for their support at the meets and for working with her to accommodate her commitment to keeping the seventh-day Sabbath. "Most of my competitions fell on the Sabbath, and my convictions to God's way kept me from participating. So whenever I had a chance to compete, I knew I had to do my very best."

Lauren has also been Irish dancing for a couple of years and has competed several times with success in that as well. She is maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Teri Hayes, the owner of the Gym-Nest, says, "Lauren is an asset to our gym. Her positive attitude and dedication is a good example to the other gymnasts, and we have appreciated her involvement."